Our story

Created in 2014 by Nicolas and Camille, the brand Kikies bets to revisit the iconic glasses glacier model. It all starts when thecame across a vintage stock of these  models  in  a  small resort in  Haute- Savoie . Memories memories...

First  worn  by  all  high  mountain  sportsmen,  these glasses became cult in the 70/80 years and are worn by the greatest climbers but also by legendary rock groups and many young skiers including Camille and Nicolas.

Seduced by their timeless look and their bright colors, thedecided with the help of the designer Damien Fourgeaud to rethink the concept of the glacier glasses. After  several months spent  redesigning  the  lines, choosing colors, selectingmaterials and looking for passionate craftsmen, the firstcollection was launched in 2015.

Our philosophy

Inspired by glacier models, Kikies glasses are designed to offer an urban and unique style. But not only, the envy of both creators goes further:

"Encourage people to collect timeless pieces that will never go out of style and last more than a season is important for us. We produce high quality sunglasses, entirely handmade in France with a specific personalization concept. We are trying to overcome fast fashion while enhancing local know-how. " As environmental enthusiasts we recycle old skis for POS and old box to pack your order.

Thanks to the removable shells' system, everyone can give free rein to his imagination and create his own style!

As for the name, they deliberately choose a singular one: Kikies ! A wink to the brands that have lulled their childhood: Walkiki , Smarties etc ...



To propose a beautiful high-quality pair of sunglassescustomizable and entirely  made  in France  is  also the  challenge choose by the brand.

A  dozen  artisans  located  only  in  the Rhône Alpes Region  and  in  Burgundy Franche Comté participate in the creation  of  each  model  making them totally unique.  With a deliberately reduced collection, thbrand strives to work  cautiously every
details and to highlight the French know how.

The glasses are exclusively handmade in Oyonnax in the  Ain region by a company specialized in high-quality acetate frames and  labeled  Enterprise  of the Living Heritage (unique distinction allowing to highlight  French  excellence  and  to recognize their exceptionaknow-how). 


The frames are made from  excellent materials using only Mazzucchelli Italy acetate. 

The lenses, from an Italian company, are all category  3  with  an  inside  anti-reflective coating andadditional silver or blue mirror flash to offer remarkable contrast  of  colors  and  unique  look. Category  4  mineral  lenses  are  also available on request.

Two prestigious French tanneries, own by exceptional brand  as  Chanel  or  Louis Vuitton and labeled aLiving Heritage companies, provide the leather. Each pair of  side  shields  is  then  cut, stitched togetherand then sewn by specialized craftsmen located in France in the Doubs region.   


Street style, glacier style and personalised sunglasses

By modernising the so-called glacier glasses, we wanted to go further and propose a customizable product that will accompany you throughout the seasons and follow your desires.

The leather shields and the nose are removable to allow you to wear your Kikies glasses under all circumstances and in all year round. Each season, we propose limited colours editions, making each piece unique. And if you hesitate between different colors, you can buy different sets of leather shields and nose, offering you a unique way of expression by playing with details to make the difference.