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    The ultimate one: 

    At ease chilling out at a caféterrace, the slopes of La Clusaz or at the beaches of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Black is Black is guaranteed to have on your nose a timeless, chic cool, cult model 80s glacier that’s been redesigned just for your eyes.

  • 280,00 € 280,00 €

    Milky Way: 


    There are those colors that whatever you do, wherever you are, are just right. Perfectly trendy, perfectly matching the mood of your day, perfect with this new stack shirt. Months to define this timeless hue will end the Winter/summer season game just by wearing it.

  • 280,00 € 280,00 €

    A few grams of finesse: 

    There is sweetness in the air. Like a refrain from a song that repeats and brings up happy memories. An afternoon stroll in the sun, a cool cocktail at a country wedding, an improvised intoxicating evening ... Happiness isin the meadow, in the city, on the slopes, or wherever you want. The Kikies will leave this feeling right on the tip of your nose.

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